It's not the first piece of her place found, but I guess the first from the final crash. The PBS show History Detectives did a really interesting segment on a piece collected from when she crashed in Hawaii on her first attempt. That lady wasn't so good with the landings. » 10/29/14 4:39pm Yesterday 4:39pm

I love it and would buy one in a second. It would definitely have a niche here in the states. People bought Mighty Maxes and used Rangers are everywhere. But, Americans are dumb and don't understand that little trucks like this are more capable than they think they are. » 10/29/14 2:17pm Yesterday 2:17pm

The thing is, most people aren't looking for that. They want something practical, economical and small that has lots of doo-dads. The Fit fits that segment perfectly. Those of us that want a driver's car will go for those others, but they're a lot more expensive than you may think they are. » 10/29/14 1:51pm Yesterday 1:51pm

Car companies are giant corporations that just want your money. Their products may be lovable, but the companies aren't. Tesla is doing something different that I think is worth loving and rooting for. Back in the day you had plucky underdogs like AMC and who didn't love AMC besides most people who bought their cars?… » 10/29/14 1:20pm Yesterday 1:20pm